Zertifizierung in Russland

 Zertifizierung in Russland
 Zertifizierung GOST-R
 Hygienezertifikat in Russische Föderation
 Normen und Standards GOST-R in Russland
 Obligatorische und freiwillige Zertifizierung
 GOST-R Zertifikat in Russland

Zertifizierung in Russland
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Russia: aluminum producers to finance nuclear power plants for smelters

New political ideology has no chances to appear.

Gas delivery contract between Russia and Ukraine expires December 31, 2005.

Putin: activities of foreign bank branches in Russia should today be restricted.

GOST-R Zertifikat: Termine und Preise

The cost of certification services depends on several key factors:

  • Specificity and type of product
  • Availability of earlier received certificates
  • Set of tests
  • Amount of goods (a batch, certain quantity according to the contract, serial production) and its specific features.
  • Complexity of laboratory tests norms or recipes.

Our prices is most convenient and reasonable on the market, in each case we will establish them depending on product specifications, type of certificate, term of validity and other factors.

Time of certification:
As You know there are several kinds of GOST certificates: Hygienic, GOST-R, GOSSTROY etc.
Usually the procedure takes 7-14 working days.

If you wish to receive the exact information on cost and time of reception of the certificate for your products, the request fill the form.

Der Auftrag der Ausstellung des Zertifikats In Russland

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